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Pipeline Engineer Salary and Rates


Pipeline Engineer Salary and Rates

Learn What Pipeline Engineer Salary and Rates

According to statistics from The Oil & Gas Global Income Guide, salaries for pipeline engineers are reflecting a robust and increasingly confident industry.

The research surveyed more than 14,000 professionals in the sector, finding out that pipeline engineers are among the highest paid in the sector.


On average, engineers employed to work on oil pipelines take home $87,650 per year. Out of the 254,130 civil engineers currently employed in the US, only 220 directly work on oil pipelines.

Their daily pay is about $40 an hour. For senior experts, their average pay is a little bit higher at $94,395 as of Jul 2017, or approximately $46.74 an hour for those who are employed on part-time basis.

The role of oil & pipeline engineers is overseeing extraction of crude-oil from the ground, as well as designing pipeline channels to move petroleum products across the country.

Most of these experts are employed by top energy firms, while others work as civil engineers on government-sponsored projects. Wage levels vary depending on factors like experience, work location and expertise.

Sometimes, oil reservoir engineers are also categorized in the pipeline job sector; they command impressive salaries of around US$97,800 while those on senior level earn US$123,400 per year.


In UK, the average pay for this professional is £51,609 per annum, which is 57.9pct above the national average advertised income of other technical careers that stand at £32,207 per year. Moreover, in metropolitan places like London a pipeline engineer takes home an impressive £71 per hour.

Statistics show that the number of job ads in this sector have gone up by 39.3% compared to last year. Currently, British Pipeline Agency (BPA) Limited is the UK’s leading employment agency for pipeline engineers, with employment opportunities in both the oil and gas pipeline sectors. The company manages over 1000km of high-pressure pipelines and related tankage, including terminal and pumping amenities throughout the UK.

Experts estimate that year-on-year pay for pipeline engineer jobs in the country have soared by 14.0%, compared to an average annual change of -1.9pct for all other jobs.

In America, Oil-rich Texas has the highest number of engineers employed in the pipeline sector, whereas the highest paid professionals are found in the state of Massachusetts.

The average annual salary for these experts is $221,500. Similarly, ExxonMobil Pipeline Co (EMPCo) is one of the largest employers of pipeline engineers, transporting around 2.8 million barrels of oil through 10 States and the Mexican Gulf as well. The average salary for a pipeline engineer at the company is $110,827.

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