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Offshore Driller Salary and Rates


Offshore Driller Salary and Rates

Find Out The Latest Offshore Driller Salary and Rates

Latest statistics show that the average salary for an offshore driller in the US is $63,400 per annum which is around £50,000 in the United Kingdom, whereas those working on a contract hire basis can take home around $30.48 an hour.

Derrick operators also earn an average of $52,520 annually, or $25.25 per hour. They work closely with drillers, and are responsible for digging the first hole for a crude-oil or gas well then forcing the extraction pipe deep into the ground.


For offshore drillers who are self employed and not signed to any agency, the pay may be slightly lower between $18 to $23 per hour for the worker. This information comes from employee data, as well as past and present job ads posted over the past 12 months in the industry.

According to analysts, jobs in offshore drilling are expected to rise by 8pct between 2010 and 2020, slightly slower compared to the average growth expected for all American jobs which is at 14pct. Though demand for jobs will largely be driven by the need for petroleum products and of course the oil price and advances in drilling technology will likely result in more efficient oil production.

Rig drillers’ salaries may vary depending on the person’s overall capacity and expertise in the field. Though it’s considered difficult work by some experts, compensation is generally good.

In UK, offshore drillers enjoy some of the most lucrative wages paid by the petroleum sector anywhere in the world. For instance, a typical worker employed by the North Sea Oil Company can take home around £500 per day. Many young people in the country are considering this career as a good investment due to the great returns that it offers.

On average, full-time offshore drillers in the UK enjoy salaries of about £55,850 a year, more than twice the national income average for other jobs which is at £26,244. Last year alone, there was a reported 30pct increase in contractor salaries for drillers.


Additionally, UK wages for drillers across the sector is about 8pct higher than the worldwide average. These statistics are encouraging as they show stability in the state of jobs for the oil sector.

In America, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc is one of the largest contract drilling service providers, with a total of 45 offshore drilling rigs and 7 rigs that are under construction. The company offers many opportunities for offshore drillers at all levels of expertise, with very lucrative salaries of up to $157,441 per annum.

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