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Lundin Finds Oil In The Barents Sea


Lundin Finds Oil In The Barents Sea

Lundin Discovers Oil In The Barents Sea

Great news for Norwegian operator Lundin Petroleum as Lundin finds oil in the barents sea which is a huge boost to the Norwegian economy. Lundin made the oil and gas discovery in their primary well 7219/12-1 and is currently drilling a redirect through 7219/12-1A on the Filicudi prospect in the Barents Sea.

The wells are roughly located in area PL533 which is around 40 km southwest of Johan Castberg and 30 km northwest of the Alta and Gohta explorations on the Loppa High in the southern Barents Sea. The primary purpose of the well was to show oil in Jurassic and Triassic sandstone reservoirs.


Lundin To Produce 100 Million Barrels Per Day

The gross resource estimation for the Filicudi breakthrough is between 35 and 100 million barrels of oil equivalents (MMboe). Well results suggest considerable upside potential that call for additional evaluation drilling, Lundin said. Filicudi is on par with the Johan Castberg discovery, with sources of approximately 500 MMboe, in comparable reservoir intervals.

Numerous supplementary prospects have actually been spotted on the Filicudi prospects within area PL533 with overall gross unrisked possible resource potential for the trend of as much as 700 MMboe. The collaboration is considering the drilling of approximately two additional possibilities in 2017.

The semi-submersible drilling rig Leiv Eiriksson will after completion of the well on the Filicudi prospect in PL533 move to the Gohta discovery in PL492 to drill a second delineation well on this discovery.

Lundin Norway is the oil and gas operator of both PL533 and PL492 and has a 35 percent and 40 percent working interest in both particular licences which is a welcome addition to their bottom line for the next few years.

Currently there are two independent high quality prospects within PL533, Hufsa consisting of gross unrisked prospective resources of 285 MMboe and Hurri with gross unrisked prospective potential of 218 MMboe. The effectiveness at Filicudi has decreased the risk and both of these prospects carry a 25 percent possibility of achieving success.

The well experienced a gross top end of 129 metres hydrocarbon column of premium quality sandstone reservoir attributes, with 63 metres of oil and 66 metres gas in the Jurassic and Triassic areas.


The sidetrack well has actually achieved overall depth and has confirmed the reservoir and hydrocarbon column. To keep up to date with Lundin, visit the site direct at Lundin Petroleum


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