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Learn How To Get A Toolpusher Job


How To Get A Toolpusher Job

How To Get A Job As A Toolpusher

Would you like to learn how to get a toolpusher job working in the oil and gas industry? – Working as a toolpusher offshore on oil or gas rigs involves a fair amount of hard labor, but the role of toolpushers is to manage the drilling team and the process of drilling and every day duties on the rig.

It is more of a managerial position requiring supervision of drill tasks, roustabouts, daily schedules, hiring a team and creating the proper working plans. Learning how to get a job as a toolpusher can get you closer to achieving successful application and making the proper career decisions.


The oil and gas industries are recognized for its well paying positions and multiple employee benefits and solid working conditions.

With more people showing great interest in getting into the industry, the competition for these jobs is getting higher and requires a fair amount of knowledge to help break into the field. Unless you know someone with clout, then you simply cannot rock up and expect a start on a rig without first doing due diligence.

Learn How To Get A Toolpusher Job

Learning more about the roles and responsibilities of toolpushers can help you determine whether you meet the qualifying criteria and whether it is a position you are interested in.

Toolpushers are also referred to as rig managers and have the major responsibility of overseeing and implementing the drill tasks and general operations for the company.

While on the rig, the position entails the management of the entire drilling department and reporting to the offshore installation manager. It is a collaborative position and requires that one work with people and remain knowledgeable of the processes that occur on a daily basis.


You must remain motivated to work with team members and delegate specific responsibilities to ensure that all processes are conducted safely and with precision.

A managerial precision on the rig involves a fair amount of responsibility from ensuring the safety of staff to keeping all processes running smoothly and according to schedule.

These measures are governed by strict regulatory practices guided with the knowledge and assistance of managers.

Toolpusher Entry Jobs

The toolpusher starts off in the entry level positions of a roughneck and having to work towards achieving the necessary rank later on.

Companies will advertise internal positions that become available, but it is important to note that pursuing a career as a toolpusher is based on extensive experience and knowledge in the industry.

It is not a job that involves a great deal of heavy lifting or manual efforts, but attention to detail, strong leadership skills and the ability to maintain a well organized work schedule.


While the employment position does not generally involve extensive manual labor, should a position require filling while on the floor, it is the duty of the manager to cover the responsibilities.

This may involve a fair amount of running and manual efforts to get the task completed. For most jobs on the rig or offshore, it is important to maintain a suitable level of fitness.

Toolpusher Qualifications And Background

When meeting employment requirements, it is imperative that the relevant experience is possessed viewing such candidates more favorably over those without an experienced background. This includes working on the rig or with various technical and drill related operations and industries to ensure that individuals are familiar with specific aspects of the position.

Specifications that applicants will have to meet includes the possession of a Supervisors Well Control Certificate, medical certification in an offshore survival course, prior working experience as a driller on the rig.

A physical examination for pre-placement must be passed and all individuals should exercise the ability to perform the various drill functions in a safe manner.

Compliance with the necessary regulatory requirements and company stipulations is a must. A high school diploma or equivalent should be presented while applicants should also prove knowledgeable to work with office software.

Leadership skills and the ability to make important decisions in pressing circumstances are imperative. Toolpushers should make the appropriate judgement calls and possess a natural motivation, ability to work with other team members, and a clear communication.

The correct instructions for employees and ensuring that the right people are hired for the job can support the proper processes.

Toolpusher Job Responsibilities

The role of a toolpusher is to manage and coordinate employee duties on oil and gas rigs. Staff must receive clear direction concerning the removal, stripping, and operation of power units and similar mechanisms.

It is the responsibility of the manager to order and organize the different supplies required for the drill site including installation of apparatus for the production of gas and oil.

Toolpushers will be required to manage employees when mixing mud, drilling and borehole supervision including safety and preventative standards for successful operation.

A manager may have to conduct the necessary levels of supervision at an oil producing well including the dismantling and construction of drilling apparatus performed by staff. Toolpushers have to be present when equipment is setup for various drilling applications.

Toolpusher Salary

The salaries and benefits of toolpushers are dependent on the location of the rig, offshore or onshore duties and employers, and the qualifications or years of experience the individual possesses.

Toolpushers can work for smaller independent businesses performing a variety of combined duties or implement major work tasks and drilling procedures on the rig. According to recent statistics, salaries can average $80 000 while the more well paid professionals earn up to six figures.

It is a very well paying position and not only is the wage favored, but also the employee benefits. Staff working for an oil or gas rig are taken care of by their employers. Contract positions are available and toolpushers have the option to work with smaller independent businesses for a much higher pay bracket.

Where To Apply For A Toolpusher Job

Online applications are the most popular mode of advertising available positions. Checking on established companies by submitting queries and contacting staff can help determine when a toolpusher job opens and what requirements need to be met.

Visiting websites such as LinkedIn and creating professional web profiles can provide greater levels of exposure in the industry.

Global offshore jobs in the oil and gas industries are advertised online with regular posts detailing deadlines for applicants.

Join industry related forums to determine how to achieve a competitive edge and when positions become available. Maintaining industry knowledge and keeping up to date of changes in requirements or applications can help achieve the best outcome.

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