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Floorhand Entry Level Oil Rig Job


Floorhand Entry Level Oil Rig Job

Floorhand Entry Level Job

Want to know how to get a floorhand entry level oil rig job?. One of the most popular entry level oil rig jobs and one of the easiest to get started with is the floorhand, the hint is in the title really as you help the crew on the deck floor carry out appropriate everyday jobs and tasks as needed.

The Floorhand offers hands-on labour to run tongs and other wrenches for making up or breaking out joints of pipeline, set and pull slips, stab pipeline and carry out other jobs required to drill a well during shift.


The floorhand likewise helps the Driller in the operation of the drill flooring including draw works, mud flowing system, rotary system handling tools and BOP devices. Service quality, task preparation, preparation and safety are essential top priorities.

As well as the above jobs, floorhands will likewise get involved in the everyday cleaning of the deck and other physically demanding jobs as advised, the function is a hands on function that needs you to take orders at short notice and be there as and when needed at short notice.

Floorhand Responsibilities

You will be needed to take part in pre-tour and tool box talks with all members of the drilling team, in addition to listening and learning you will need to also contribute and add value as part of a team.

You must be fully up to speed with the requirements of the rig QHSE policies, requirements, and directions and always, always wear the relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

You will also be required to maintain and clean machinery and tools in a safe working fashion and in accordance with any machine procedures or clean down policies. You should also be able to clearly demonstrate good sound reporting aspects as if you find any discrepancies they will need to be reported with immediate effect.


It goes without saying that safety comes first on the rigs, so you should be able to function in a safe and diligent way to guarantee individual safety and the security of your fellow team members.

As a further example of tasks and duties please see below example list:

  • Keeps drill flooring and tools tidy and arranged in a logical sequence
  • Help and change Derrickhand and Roustabout appropriately
  • Run air hoist, pipeline spinner, or iron roughneck when suitable
  • Carry out preventive and organized upkeep on drilling devices
  • Assist in the repair of drilling devices/machinery
  • Carry out other tasks as appointed by Driller or Derrickhand such as mixing mud, help in slipping and cutting of drilling line, preparing casings
  • Assists in specialized jobs such as rigging up, nippling up, running casing or other jobs as directed by the driller.
  • Prepare and trip pipe

Floorhand Entry Level Qualifications

The floorhand is an entry level oil rig job function, as you can imagine the qualifications needed in order to get a start offshore are really minimal, yes high school or GCSEs help but not mandatory.

Oil companies are more interested in finding individuals who are physically and psychologically fit with can do attitudes to work as part of a group or as an individual with minimum supervision.

Below are some standard skillsets required in order to get your very first trip offshore as a floorhand. If you click through to our entry level oil rig job article you will discover a more in depth introduction of exactly what kind of certifications and qualifications are needed to secure your very first entry level oil rig job.

Although not mandatory, however it would be beneficial if you have a minimum of 1 year field or offshore experience with comparable roles and use of similar machinery either offshore or on a land drilling rig as Floorhand or Derrickhand.


You should have the ability and discipline to comprehend instructions quickly without question without compromising the safety of yourself or your team, you should also be able to think on your feet and go about your daily tasks with with very little supervision.

As a further example of skills required:

  • Floorhands must be unrelenting and willing to learn and work hard
  • You should conduct all activities and tasks with energy, drive and a can do attitude
  • Floorhands should always looking to improve and enhance the workplace
  • Listens and has the ability to interact successfully with managers and supervisors
  • Ideally you should have survival accreditation however not compulsory

If you believe your CV/Resume is ready then click through this link and Upload Your CV Here. If you are not exactly sure if you satisfy the pertinent requirements to obtain an entry level oil rig job, then click through to our entry level in depth article Here.

Floorhand Entry Level Salary

Similar to the majority of entry level oil rig job roles, wages differ from rig to rig and even if you are field based. As a guideline, you can expect to make around $30 per hour, or even around $3,500 each week depending on your employer, market conditions and location.

The above income is simply a standard estimate, this article was written in March 2017 and obviously the oil and gas market is just now gradually coming out of economic crisis so rates will differ up and down till it settles later on in the year.

Even if you were to accept an annual wage of around $40,000 or £40,000 for the UK North Sea sector, it’s pretty good considering you will be most likely only working around 6 Months of the year.

As mentioned in our more in depth article on entry level oil jobs, if for example you were offshore in Europe such as off the coast of the Netherlands or Norway, you would probably earn that same salary working just less than half of the year.

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