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Find Out How To Get A Roustabout Job


How To Get A Roustabout Job

How To Get A Roustabout Job

Looking to get into the oil and gas industry, would you like to know how to gain an roustabout entry level job then carry on reading the article below to find out how to get a roustabout job offshore on the rigs.

The oil and gas industry is again slowly on the rise which will hopefully with the current lull slowly fading there will be greater job security, higher wage brackets, and the opportunity to move up the employment ladder within the industry so to get in as an entry level roustabout is a good idea.


A roustabout entry level job position comparable to a cadet at sea and involves hard work through rigorous training and experience. Learning how to get a job as a roustabout can can help you determine required qualifications, responsibilities, and where to apply.

Despite the roustabout job being an entry level position, it offers much higher pay compared to other types of employment with similar levels of experience.

Through structured training offered by certified schools, students are provided hands-on experience in drilling, maintenance and safety measure allowing the opportunity to move up the career ladder. While these jobs are in demand, it involves dedication and incredibly hard work.

Individuals who apply for these positions stand a better chance at employment when the proper standards of training are secured. These jobs are performed offshore involving an extensive amount of manual labor and long hours depending on the daily project requirements.

The position is applicable for those who wish to learn more about offshore opportunities and have a keen interest in the industry.


An interest in these duties requires knowledge and research into its requirements to provide students with the best chance of receiving approval.

The oil and gas industry remains the most prominent offering a wide range of benefits for employees and have been considered among the highest paying even for its lower level positions. Learning how to get into the field can provide a much needed competitive edge and ensure that you are adequately prepared for the tasks.

What is a Roustabout

Roustabouts work on oil or gas rigs and are required to maintain the equipment and the rig, as well as working with and assisting drilling teams, offloading supplies and general every day duties.

Employees on the rig mostly work offshore and will need to report to the assistant operators or deck supervisors. Individuals have the responsibility of conducting a number of important tasks associated with the loading and offloading of equipment, performing cleaning and maintenance, and working alongside the drilling crew.

This includes working on basic types of machines, managing equipment and having to remove and repaint particular surfaces and other general maintenance work.

Roustabouts are required to be physically fit to keep up with the manual demands of the position. Roustabouts will work an average 12 hour shift over a period of 2 weeks and will get the same amount of time off. In some sectors such as the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, offshore workers can sometimes have a rotation of 2 week on and 3 weeks off.


Oil rig workers will have a large working demand placed on them and must be prepared to meet these requirements for the best outcome. It includes a number of perks with lengthy periods off from work. While on the rig, daily meals are included, a social room, and television.

Qualifications Background Required

While no prior experience is always necessary, to secure a position and work your way up the ladder a great deal faster, prior experience working offshore and some qualification as a craftsman can prove advantageous.

Of course there is always the old adage of, it’s not what you know but who you know, but within the main, you should have a craft background or hands on physically demanding working background.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age but usually 21. To help secure a roustabout position, proof of having worked in engineering or construction industries will be viewed more favorably over those with no experience.

Most individuals who wish to get into the industry at entry level are already in a trade and have received an apprenticeship from a reputable company. Consultation with various businesses within the field can determine whether a type of apprentice position is available to advance your career.

All persons applying for a roustabout job must have proof of safety training and include an offshore medical survival certificate.

If you want to take anything away from this article, particularly if you don’t know anyone in HR or on the rig itself, get yourself trained up on all relevant safety courses and look like you have put yourself out to get a start offshore as a roustabout.

In a lot of cases, roles come around very quickly and you need mobilize with immediate effect so please take note of your basic certificates to get offshore, if you have put yourself out and taken your offshore survival course and you are backed up with a construction physically demanding past career, then you will give yourself every chance to get a roustabout job.

Skill sets include basic knowledge on working with and operating machinery. All persons are required to possess the personality and abilities to work with others in a team environment. Taking instructions well, punctuality, and keen attention to detail are important traits needed

Roustabout Job Responsibilities

The role of roustabouts is to provide general maintenance while on the rig, offload and load important equipment, and be able to work with drilling teams for various projects.

Many different activities have to be performed on a daily basis from the scraping of old paint and repainting surfaces to ensuring the safe retrieval of heavy apparatus and goods on the rig.

All roustabouts are required to keep the deck clean and ensure that all types of equipment remain properly maintained.

Lifting equipment must be operated to haul heavy items, supplies moved into the necessary storage facilities, and drilling apparatus prepared for the team. Any dismantling or repairs on pumps and engines will have to be conducted by the crew.

A complete list of working duties are provided for all employees to ensure that the projects are completed with precision and efficiency.

A typical day in the life of roustabouts includes working an average 12 hour to 14 hour shift. Individuals are required to clear the deck and keep it clean, if drilling crews are working on a project, roustabouts will have to guide the operators, lubricate drill bits, and attach important accessories for loads.

Primary responsibilities involve moving supplies, operating cranes, servicing equipment, and using lifts to remove debris and hazardous material.

General Salary For Roustabouts

A general or entry level roustabouts can expect to earn an average of $36k per year, but this figure can reach $60k within a year of moving up to a higher position.

These rates can be slightly higher for individuals who possess additional experience in engineering, steel and construction industries. This figure is simply a guide and will differ depending on where in the world you are working.

How to Apply For A Roustabout Job

When you want an roustabout entry level job the networking is one of the best ways to find employment helping you find people and companies who work in the industry for application. Use social platforms including LinkedIn, forums and websites such as oilandgasplanet.com to discover available posts.

A lot of people who wonder how to get a roustabout job think that joining LinkedIn and other professional forums is a waste of time as it is purely for office based staff, well that is 100% WRONG!

All trades join LinkedIn and that is where the recruiters hang out so connecting with these people can help you find a connection needed to get into the field and visit the websites of familiar oil and gas companies to find submission forms and details on applying for these jobs.

The recruitment process for roustabout entry level jobs focuses on the proper presentation. A well structured CV, motivational letters and undergoing a personal assessment are important factors, you can’t simply throw your CV into an application and hope for the best, that’s how not to get into the oil and gas industry, it’s not easy at first but when you are in you are in as the saying goes!.

Using social media, the internet and asking established oil and gas rigging companies and recruiters on available positions can help get your foot in the door. If you are seriously wondering how to get a roustabout job then to get started, upload your CV and details to the oil and gas planet portal, simply go to >>> Upload Your CV Here

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  1. Hi.I’m a white South African male. Did my entry level offshore Roustabout course. From first aid level 1 right through to sea survival. I’m currently working as a boilermaker for a truck trailer company. Doing welding.painting. building of trailers and building of mining equipment such as oil tanks.toolboxes etc.what other documents do I need to have before applying. Have a valid South African passport. Please let me know what other documents do I need if I want to apply for a job abroad. Kind regards Hennie Pretorius from South Africa.email.henniepretorius92@gmail com


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