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Clair Ridge Project Phase 2


The BP Clair Ridge Project Second Phase

A multi-billion dollar project that’s currently in its second development phase, the Clair Ridge field is located a around 75 kilometers west of the Shetland Islands.

It spans an impressive 220 square kilometers. The second phase was started in 2012 and is intended to end 2017.


Since the start of this second stage of the project, the team who’ve moved to South Korea have spent the majority of their time focused on the delivery and installation of no fewer than eight modules.

They’ve also worked on the establishment of a bridge for effectively linking two recently-built platforms. These are mainly the same individuals who will be taking part in UK commission teams.

This project is comprised of the two platforms that are now linked by a bridge, and a recently-built pipeline that will be used to transport oil on Shetland.

This infrastructure is meant for both the redelivery of fuel and fuel storage. The next step in these efforts will involve the creation of topside platform modules along with the necessary drilling for this major install.

These efforts are expected to start in May of 2017 and they’re planned to come to completion at the end of this same year.


Clair Ridge Oil Production

It is estimated that more than 640 million barrels of oil will be produced by this project over the span of around 40 years.

At its peak capabilities, oil production is anticipated to reach as high as 120k barrels on a daily basis. This field was discovered nearly 40 years ago in 1977, but it’s vast potential was only tapped into when it was sanctioned in 2001.

Work on the first phase of this project did not begin until 2005. With new technological advances and a growing infrastructure already in place, the second half of the extraction appears to be moving at a much more rapid rate.

There was already a network of pipes under the sea in this region as the result of Clair Ridge phase one. This second phase has extended this network.

It has also allowed for the development of tiebacks in the future as needed. Once the second phase is complete, the goal of BP will be to produce around 120k barrels of oil each day. This is expected to taper at 100k barrels per day some 33 years after the start of extraction.

One notable aspect of this project is the fact that it will introduce the innovative technology for oil recovery that BP has recently designed. This is called LoSal.


Clair Ridge Water Injection

Through LoSal, the water in the surrounding region is desalinated via a process known as water injection. This expedites and enhances overall recovery.

This will not only speed the extraction efforts up, but it will also enhance their overall cost-effectiveness throughout the lifetime of the site’s operations. It is anticipated that the site will continue to produce until the year 2050.

When Clair Ridge is complete, BP has set its sights on more than 640 million barrels of oil that can be recovered. This new site is just north of this current project. Like Clair Ridge, it will involve the installation of two separate platforms that will be linked by a bridge.

In 2013, the jackets for this new structure were installed. Two years later, topside models were constructed. Now the process of hookup and commissioning has begun and BP is expected to recover the first oil from this new site as soon as 2018.

BP Clair Ridge Jacketimages courtesy of BP

Two things that have played major roles in the ability of this company to extract oil from the complicated landscape and geology are seismic imaging and horizontal drilling practices.

This site has truly been one of innovation, these latest strategies including the use of LoCal are expected to be used as part of future projects given the level of success they’ve exhibited thus far. LoSal is expected to deliver an extra 40 million barrels of oil across the entire Clair Ridge project.

Other partners in this project include Chevron, Shell and Conoco Phillips. BP, however, has head up these efforts as the primary stakeholder and the overseer of design, development and implementation.

This site represents a huge accomplishment for BP. Not only has it introduced cutting-edge technologies that expedite this process and cut costs, but it has also managed to find a feasible way to extract resources in a region that might have otherwise been inaccessible.

What was discovered in 1977 may be viable today only as the result in advances in modern surveying and drilling technologies. Be sure to bookmark this page for further updates on the BP Clair Ridge project, it has been a huge asset for BP and one of the biggest jobs offshore in the UK for the company.

With the lull in oil and gas prices for the last few years, UK oil and gas workers are keen to see this project take off and bring back needed jobs for the UK economy.

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