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Chronos Oil and Gas Recruitment


Chronos Oil and Gas Recruitment

Chronos Oil and Gas Recruitment

Chronos Oil & Gas is a global recruitment agency with more than 10yrs experience in the industry. The company specializes in providing job opportunities for both downstream and upstream sectors, including offshore, shale gas, petrochemical and so on.

Currently, they are the fastest growing job agency in the petroleum sector, with operations in multiple countries around the world. Chronos was officially launched in 2011 as part of Coberon Chronos Network, the company first opened two offices in UK then later expanded to Romania, The Netherlands and Houston in 2013/2014.


A year later, they opened 5 new offices in various markets worldwide to further strengthen their outreach and meet the needs of an ever-growing clientele. Chronos boasts of direct reach to more than 1 million job candidates in the oil & gas field. This is made possible through a massive social media presence, smart online marketing, LIVE candidate database and an international team of top-class recruiters.

Moreover, Chronos directors all have a solid background in the sector and are better positioned than other job agencies in matters of candidate attraction and selection, ultimately filling the best staff for oil & gas positions.

Whether a project involves filling a single opening, or overseeing an entire development plan from start to finish Chronos is well suited to help. They can recruit both locally and internationally, with tailormade solutions to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Statistics show that the agency currently payrolls 6000 contractors globally, and is involved in more than 2000 placements per year. They also have a total of 20 physical offices with most of them located in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

Due to rapid expansion and an upturn in the petroleum industry, Chronos Oil and Gas Recruitment has grown its operations to now fully meet the needs of a global clientele base, particularly utilizing their network of more than 160 recruiters across the world.


While other recruitment firms may claim to be international, some still have branches that operate independently and even contend against each another. On the contrary, Chronos has a truly global network that functions as a single entity to service the clientele’s needs without any restrictions.

Apart from having an international presence, the company also has the biggest pool of candidates in the sector. They recruit for both permanent and contractual positions worldwide, with a live database consisting of more than 150,000 candidates. Through advanced candidate attraction policies and strategies, Chronos has managed to become the top company in oil and gas recruitment.

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