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Bul Hanine Redevelopment Project


Bul Hanine Redevelopment Project

Bul Hanine Project

The Bul Hanine redevelopment project is a huge statement of intent for Qatar Petroleum or QP for short, the company have revealed brand new plans to spend more than 40 billion Qatari Riyals which is around 11 billion US Dollars with the redevelopment of their existing Bul Hanine offshore oil field which is situated around 120 kilometers to the eastern side of the Qatari coastline.

Discussing the redevelopment plans, H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry and Chairman of QP, stated:


“This important project is part of a development and production strategy based on maximum recovery of reserves through the longest possible plateau of sustainable production levels. It will help boost Qatar’s oil production capacity and reinforce its position as a reliable energy provider.”

QP is executing a redevelopment plan for all its oil fields and the Bul Hanine is a huge statement of intent from the Middle Eastern company.

The advancement in technology is what has made the development possible as the initial field was developed with earlier technology.

Bul Hanine Redevelopment Project

Significant reservoir and field-wide research studies have been carried out for all QP’s oil fields which have featured state of the art seismic surveys to re-assess the reserves and the long-lasting production possibilities for every field.

This has been accomplished using improved oil recovery techniques and full field redevelopment plans, and also the most up to date advanced technology and highly effective computer modeling and developing equipment.


Bul Hanine Redevelopment Project Size

Produced oil from the Bul Hanine redevelopment project will be sent to Halul Island for export, the generated sour rich gas which will consist of about 900 million cubic feet per day will travel via brand new 150-kilometre subsea pipeline to a new gas treatment center in Mesaieed for products recovery, where lean sweet gas will be sent via a new subsea pipeline back to the brand new off-shore facilities for compression and injection.

The redevelopment is part of an extensive strategy presently being executed to increase the efficiency of manufacturing fields along with the implementation of numerous well drilling solutions to boost crude oil reserves in fields like Bul Hanine and Dukhan.

H.E. Dr. Al-Sada revealed great pride in what exactly has been actually accomplished thus far in the development of Qatar’s oil & gas production fields and its assets.

He went on to say that “Qatar Petroleum’s excellent track record in managing and executing mega projects over the years and the experience it has accumulated throughout will pave the way for the successful execution of this important and strategic project.”

The immensity of this particular financial investment of the Bul Hanine redevelopment project demonstrates the degree of project scope that includes new offshore core manufacturing facilities and brand new onshore gas liquids production center at Mesaieed.

Qatar Petroleum Drilling Wells

This will be marked by a massive drilling campaign of about 140 to 150 brand new wells between start up and to around 2028.


“In addition to sustaining economic growth and providing financial stability, this re-development is also an important step towards building the capabilities of local resources by providing a unique experience opportunity for Qatari engineers,” H.E. Dr. Al-Sada concluded.

His Excellency explained that “the Bul Hanine redevelopment constitutes yet another increase the growth of Qatar’s hydrocarbon riches and is subsequently a crucial element in the execution of the Qatar National Vision as introduced and directed by His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar.”

The brand new wells are going to be drilled from the existing/modified well-head jackets, along with from 14 new wellhead jackets. Each new and modified wellhead jackets, along with associated production and injection flowlines, shall form aspects of the project scope.

All of the wellheads stream fluids should be processed in the new offshore core facility, consisting of production, compression, utility and living quarter platforms, with topsides weight ranging from 4,000 to 14,000 tonnes.

The venture, which is presently at the conceptual phase, will be one of the most extensive projects to be handled and carried out by QP.

The project is developed to lengthen the field’s life cycle by counteracting its production decline and more than doubling its existing oil production level. You can catch more on the project by visiting QP direct at QP Bul Hanine Project

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