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Brunel is an employment agency that provides job opportunities in the oil & gas sector. The company was formed in 1975 by graduate engineer, Jan Brand, from his small office in Netherlands. It marked the start of an era in global temporary employment.

Brunel Recruitment has a vast international network consisting of 104 full time offices spread across 37 countries around the world, clients have access to specialist knowledge in recruitment as well as essential experience on an international scale.


The company has a deep understanding of local job markets, laws and policies. However, the greatest benefit for job seekers is that they are capable of providing career opportunities for all types of projects, both onshore and offshore.

There are also tailor-made employment solutions for different scopes of projects and locations. Furthermore, the firm’s strict compliance standards and risk-management tools mean that they are able to meet any recruitment challenges that may come their way.

Currently, Brunel employs more than 10,000 staff in its offices spread across multiple countries in the globe. Moreover, by the last quarter of 2016 the company had an annual turnover rate of 885 million Euros, and was also listed on the Euronext Amsterdam NV trading platform as well as Amsterdam Small Cap Index (AScX).

They provide a variety of recruitment services, ranging from logistics to project and talent resourcing, compliancy and so forth. Brunel values each of its staff and encourages professional development as well as training for all of them, they know that the quality and motivation of their staff and specialists is key to overall business success.

The agency has an annual turnover rate of $1 to $2 billion USD per year, there are also various job opportunities in the company for those who are interested in joining, with Senior Recruitment Consultants earning an average income of $60k per month.


Brunel Recruitment promotes a global approach to labor force integration, and therefore operates through local-based offices with worldwide reach and networks. This strategy is in agreement with global market requirements that govern the recruitment industry.

Moreover, as a publicly listed firm, Brunel’s financial security allows them to pre-finance various projects from their own pockets. Their international network of offices is backed by a strong IT infrastructure, so that the services provided are always competent and consistent internationally, supported by a continuous flow of real-time data.

Each local office has the capacity to provide the necessary specialist, as well as respond to changing demands affecting the oil and gas market.

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