Home News Alpha Process Controls Have Been Awarded The GNL Quintero Project

Alpha Process Controls Have Been Awarded The GNL Quintero Project


Alpha Process Controls Have Been Awarded The GNL Quintero Project
Alpha Process Controls Have Been Awarded The GNL Quintero LNG Project

Alpha Process Controls (APC) has been in the news as it is enhancing its operational continuance of the GNL Quintero regasification terminal in Chile.

The company who have recently obtained a contract to provide the facility with its LNG Hose Transfer System with cutting-edge Emergency Release Collar (ERC) breakaway couplings.


Along with the ERC couplings, APC will provide fixed and adjustable height saddles, hoses, concentric reducers and deployment equipment.

Additionally, to satisfy the demands of their application at the terminal, the systems consist of a custom support trolley to allow the ERC couplings to become guided into position on the jetty as called for and to meet vessel configurations.

John Lamb, who is the Managing Director of Alpha Process Controls, said: “The application of our 8-inch ERC systems at GNL Quintero will provide an additional LNG transfer solution to the facility, which will support continuous operations and productivity at the terminal.”

John Lamb Alpha Process ControlsImages courtesy of Alpha Process Controls

He added: “The innovative approach we have taken to the development of ERC breakaway couplings is gaining traction across the LNG industry and we are very proud to be working with the premier LNG terminal in the southern hemisphere.”


The systems, which in turn will be produced, tested and commissioned at APC’s facility in North East England, should be delivered to the terminal on the Pacific coast.

The regasification terminal, which in turn has been supplying gas to central Chile since 2009, can handle 15 million cubic meters of natural gas per day and is in the process of boosting that capacity with further financial investments in its facility.

The 8-inch ERC system showcases APC’s innovative two-stage emergency release cable innovation that allows the controlled shutdown of internal valves prior to initiating a coupling separation.

With the regulated shutdown, even at high flow rates, pressure surges are sustained to a degree with no compromise of pipework or pumps in case of a ship-to-shore separation caused by vessel drift-away.

The UK-based branch of the GT Group will supply the complete ERC systems, consisting of liquid and vapour lines, which shall be employed for emergency ship-to-shore movement of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) when pre-installed loading arms can’t be utilized.


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